August 1st, 2019

The update for August 1st, 2019 brings a lot of updates and changes to the farmland and raiding in particular, amongst many other things. Let’s go over the patch notes and see what difference they bring to the gameplay!


First things first, like every update we are getting new outfits commemorating the Qixi Festival, also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day, this time as well. These premium outfits will also feature exclusive emotes.



Along with the Moonlight outfits, we will also get the option to buy a Qixi Dish Pack and a Festival Sale Pack.
I think these two outfits would look beautiful along with Chinese style manors so get ready to grab them for your homes!



There would be 5 events running this time with 3 older events making a return.


• The major event will be helping a stranger that has wandered into Hope 101, telling the story of his lover and we would have to complete the tasks given by them to receive rewards.


• During this next event, 1 Sky Lantern can be received for free from the Event screen every day. Use Sky Lanterns to make a Wish and Wish Item, or invite 1 nearby survivor to release the lantern with you. Both you and the survivor can make a wish. The Sky Lantern will then carry your wish or wishes into the sky.


• Lucky Snap-Up is making a return due to its popularity! In this event players participate in alottery-like system where you buy tickets and a random ticket wins. The more tickets you buy the higher are your chances of winning the draw. The winner will get the item for which the lottery was held and the others will get equal amount of Qixi Paper. This was the only way to get the Pink Tree for your manors so I think this will be event catching the eye of many architects around Hope 101.


• Bargain Shop will also make a return with this update, allowing players to bargain on the gift packages that refresh at 0000 game server time daily. This event will runfrom August 8th to August 14th,2019. The more the people buy the gift package the lower would be its final cost. Whoever had paid more than the final cost would be refunded the extra amount.


• Duo Training is back as usual which allows you to complete tasks with a friend of yours to earn Experience and Qixi Paper which can be exchanged for precious garden items such as natural garden components and Qixi furniture during the limited time of the caravan market.


While we celebrate the Chinese festival of Qixi, our farmlands can be upgraded to look like a Western courtyard! These can be bought from the Training Mall and also through the Formula R&D Exchange.
This also brings the promised Automatic Watering system to our farmlands along with De-Worming and Fertilization. These operations will automatically use our resourced to take care of our farmland and I think this will make farming more efficient.


The Trade Federation Membership is getting a much awaited upgrade to it which increased the Backpack size of Items and Food by 2 and theTrading queue by 3.  This is a huge upgrade which will be really useful especially the trading queue upgrade.
That’s not all, the daily sign-in rewards have been increased and the higher the gathering level, the better the content. Now, fora price of just $4.99, this is a huge deal and now among one of the best micro-transactions in the game.


Raiding in Turbulent City is getting lots of changes this update. A lot of community feedback has been taken into consideration for this update it seems. Let’s go over the changes one by one and see how they change the gameplay.

• Rewards for raiding have been increased. For the first four times a manor is breached raider will be rewarded with a chest which will randomly have a chance to obtain Formula Shards, Formula R&D Data and other items from it. This is a massive buff to raiding and camps will see a huge increase in the amount of raiders because both shards and R&D data are difficult to obtain.


• Manor Vaults will now have the option toredeem Random Level 2 Reagent and Random Level 2 Crystal with security points. This will make grinding for Upgrades a little bit easy and it’s a win-win update.


• Quick Travel is now available to exit your Vault which is a good quality of life change since players have built huge maze and structures inside their vaults that are difficult and time consuming to exit, upon entering.


• Map will now mark the level of the manor and the estate that can be attacked when you go to Turbulent City. This will help players target a specific manor without the need to go near it. Another buff to raiding.


• Entering and Exiting Vault now requires a short waiting time for Intruders and is no longer instant. This will stop the annoying raiders which keep on entering and exiting the vault to buy time and waste your bullets.


• After a Manor is broken, it will automatically reset so that the next raider can get the door plate as well instead of waiting for the owner to fix it. This will help the “scavenger” raiders that raid an already raided place for easy loot.


• When being raided, the owner will get an 8 second protection status when entering and exiting the Vault which means that the owner will be invulnerable to attacks just like when entering Charlestown. This is wouldbe a defensive aspect to be noted for home owners which can be converted to successful raid defense very easily.


• Upon having nocabinet in the Vault or the Manor, the corresponding classification will no longer be displayed in the cabinet list.


• Cable Car traveling now has a cooldown ifyou’re getting shot at. This will stop the cable car abuse that raiders did to escape a sticky situation.


A lot of advantages to raiding have been introduced and a lot of defensive measures for the home owners have been added as well. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.OTHER CHANGES


The limits of the 3 masteries, Gathering, Crafting and Combat, of Level 11 Manor is adjusted from Level 60 to Level 63. This will give players enough time to accumulate the resources needed to level up their Manor to Level 12. Personally, I like this change because every other Manor level limit was a bit higher than the requirement for next Manor level. This gives a player enough buffer to get all their masteries to Level 60.


The Gathering Level 60 – 75% damage rewards for the Trap Infection have been changed to Weapon Parts and Fiber Cloth. I think this change will bring balance in between the market of Gathering and Crafting professions since now everyone can get Crafting exclusives from it.


Now you can add your favorite picture styles from a variety of options in the display settings. A cosmetic change for players that care about looks and aesthetics for their clicked pictures.


Last but not the least, the behavior of the Infected has been improved. Are the Infected getting smarter by learning about us? Let’s see!

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