Why Choose Y-Gaming?

Y-Gaming is a Community Support and Event/ Tournament Organizer for LifeAfter/ NetEase and Discord Game Server Admin for Paladins/ EvilMojoGames. We at Y-Gaming love games – we provide guides/ cheats to our growing web of subscribers/ guides. We share gameplay videos on our popular youtube channel y-gaming! for games like CSGO! for Valve, Uberstrike for Cmune, Utopia for Mattel!

We organize and manage Tournaments and Tournament Servers/ Discord Games Server Management for leading companies like LifeAfter for NetEase (HK), Paladins for EvilMojoGames, (Georgia, USA). We also provide valuable User Experience Data based on our Community Management Services, so it is a total GAME EXPERIENCE DESIGNER Role that we play!

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– Game Server Management
– Tournament Management
– Game Streaming
– Community Management
– Game Design Services
– Game Graphics and Assets
– Game Programming